Monday, September 14, 2009


Charles is the third of our furry traveling companions. He was about 6 months old, and part of a feral colony being trapped for spaying and neutering. There seemed to be a special connection between us during his stay at the shelter. He seemed comfortable enough with me to look deep into my eyes and verbalize his woes. I decided like I had with Sugar to take him home, and see what I could do to socialize him. He has made many gains, but seems stuck between being too wild to adopt out, and too domesticated for my soul to accept putting him out as a barn cat in this cold northern climate. He's made it clear he's had enough of the outdoor life. Whenever the door opens he runs the other way!!! Charles and Prin struck up a special friendship, and that cinched the deal. It seems crazy even to us to take him traveling, but I can't imagine life without him. He's such a character and an integral part of our family. With Charles and Sugar we realize that they have enough wild in them that they may choose to run away, but also that they seem drawn to stay with us (or Prin). Recently Charles has made another major breakthrough. He is jumping on to our laps, following us around meowing for petting, and practicing his best begging skills. It seems as though he is making up for the petting lost during his time outdoors as a wild cat.