Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Smarter

We've completed another excellent book called "Survival of the Snowbirds". It is written by Kay Peterson. It came highly recommended in the previous book. It is a source for everything you could possibly want to know about boondocking. Boondocking is the term used to refer to camping for free. The one drawback to this book is that it was published in 1982 before cell phones, the internet, improvements in RVs, and businesses making dump stations readily available. It definitely showed how much easier RVing is today. We chose to read this original version of the book, as revised editions of things aren't always better. After noting the integrity of the author and the amount of information packed into this 221 page book, I feel I can recommend their 1997 revision. It is called "The New Revised Survival of the Snowbirds". Roy and I were joking today that when we start to read our next RV book called "Complete Guide to Full-Time RVing" that we'll be saying "HoHum, We know that. We know that. We already know that!" We'll let you know. I guess to sum it up we're feeling pretty smart, but maybe another book or two wouldn't hurt.