Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beach Fun

Now that we're back home in Michigan, Sugar seems to know what's available for fun outings. She has gotten quite vocal in asking to go play. We've taken Sadie & Chico (June and Earl's dogs) along with Prin and Sugar to some of the two-track roads in Hiawatha State Forest, as well as, out to the beach. Sadie, a Springer Spanial, loves to fetch sticks from the water. The waves at the beach on Lake Superior create a challenge for the dogs fetching sticks. Sadie is an expert in handling them. Sugar is studying the waves and can handle about two before she's had enough, although, she's always eager for another toss of the stick. Prin and Chico opt just to get their paws wet on the shores edge. We'll have to get lots of beach trips in while we're here.