Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 19th G.A.A. Dog Trot

It's hard to believe, but this is Guardian Angels for Animals 6th annual dog trot. Guardian Angels for Animals is a charitable solicitation organization run by a small group of people, who volunteer their time and the funds they raise, to improve the lives of the animals housed at the Chippewa County Animal Control Shelter in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Through the efforts of this group, the county shelter operates as a "no kill" facility. Roy and I are proud to have been members for the last 5 years.

Registration for the event gets the dog walker a tee shirt, the dog a bandana, and provides funds to be applied toward the shelter animal's facilities and medical care.

The day of the walk was hot and muggy. We were fortunate to have some trees providing a shady spot for the walkers and their dogs to stay cool while waiting for the start of the event.

Some dogs from the animal shelter were present at the event and sporting their "Adopt Me" vests.

This greyhound is one of seven brought from a racetrack in Florida by Guardian Angels for Animals. All seven have been adopted. Isn't this one attractive!

The route is approximately one mile, but with the humidity it probably felt longer. Humans and dogs alike seemed to be panting.

The close of the event came as the rain clouds gathered overhead. The guy standing on the sidewalk is a very special volunteer, who comes to the shelter often and walks every dog! Now that's a way to stay fit! His wife is a super volunteer providing lots of pampering to the shelter's cats. The shelter is extremely fortunate to have them. It was a great day of fun, and support for a great cause!