Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 11th-16th

June 12th was June's daughter Emily's wedding, so life has been busy. With the wedding to take place near a beach on Lake Superior (Big Pines), we have all been following faithfully. The weather has changed from lots of sunshine to lots of rain through the week. Despite the scary weather predictions, Saturday and Sunday were beautiful. There has been lots of behind-the-scenes scrambling to make the wedding events perfect for the couple, and Emily felt the wedding was the perfect day she had hoped for. The wedding was elegant. The reception was equally elegant, but with a lot of relaxed fun. Sunday gave us sunny weather for the gift-opening brunch. It was a pleasant mingling of families on the backyard deck and later indoors. The behind-the-scenes workers have been recouperating with a pampering lunch at the golf course club house, a pajama day watching our favorite DVD series, LOST, and walking in the woods with the dogs.

Yesterday and today June worked on wrapping up school end-of-the-year tasks. Earl's working. Roy has the materials to do a camper project. More on that later. Today I'll visit the animal shelter to work on projects. Saturday, June 19th, is their annual Dog Trot.