Saturday, August 7, 2010

Free Spay/Neuter Clinic

This is the 3rd year that Friends of Caring Animal Shelters and the Michigan State University Veterinary Program has hosted a free spay and neuter clinic for dogs and cats of low income families. Chippewa County is only one of several areas in Michigan benefiting from the MSU program, as the veterinary students and their supervisor are on the road for three weeks in August holding clinics. Our clinic is volunteer run and the only requirement of the hosting communities is to provide the most basic of housing and food for the students. Both housing and food were donated by area residents and businesses. In two days the veterinary students altered over 150 animals! The Kinross police department has noticed such an impact in their community that they have offered to help with the post-clinic packing and loading. Enjoy the picture tour of this event.

The clinic was held August 5th and 6th in the 4H building at the fairgrounds in Kinross.
This is the dog waiting area.

This volunteer is consoling a worried patient. The cats and dogs were identified in many ways, one of which was a number written on masking tape placed on their heads.
This is the surgery prep area. The students all seemed very efficient.

This is the surgery area. The stage had the instrument sterilization area.

This is post-op. Animals were monitored closely for their progress towards recovery. Other procedures such as nail trimming were done there, also. To the right in the picture is the cat neutering station. Dr. Chadwick, the supervising vet, is performing the operation.

The students slept downstairs in the 4H building.

A nice kitchen was downstairs close to their sleeping quarters. The kitchen was well stocked with a wonderful variety of excellent foods. Isn't it great what people can accomplish working together for a great cause!