Monday, August 9, 2010

Super Camper Improvement!

The vinyl door below is what originally came with the camper. As pet owners, we have always disliked it.

To keep the dogs and cat out of the bedroom we have had to take up floor space with things to block the wide gap at the bottom of the door, and to wedge it tight so it couldn't be pushed open. Since living in the camper, we have also discovered that the vinyl door hampers air circulation and causes the bedroom to be muggy. We leave the door open at night and have taught the dogs to stay out of the bed, but the cat........Well, you know cats.

We love our new door! Roy stained, framed, and hung it. He even placed magnets so that the door is held shut by them. No more tubs taking up floor space and no gap at the bottom for the cat to slide under! The bi-fold door solves another problem we've been brainstorming a resolution to.

We have discovered that arching the bi-fold door and pulling another closet door to it, makes a nice dressing area. This view is from the bedroom. The bed provides an area to lay out clothes and a place to sit. The bigger closet to the right is where our clothes are kept. With the camper being as small as it is, prior dressing required all the blinds to be pulled closed. What a super improvement just a door can make!