Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Family Member!

Look who's come to live in the cat cave! I couldn't leave my little wheelchair kitty behind. We've named him Otis. I told Roy it wasn't logical adding one more pet to our camper, but that I just had to see the end of the story for this kitty. The end of the story for Otis is that he will have a very pampered life on the road with us! He has two big dogs, a male cat, and the two of us wrapped around his little paws!

He is doing great getting around the camper without his wheelchair. He uses the walls to walk along, but sometimes practices walking without support. We've made some modifications to make life easier for him, and Charles is teaching him to wrestle. Otis is a quick study and they are having great fun. Charles is finding having a cat friend to play cat games with is much more enjoyable then harassing the dogs. We'll be posting videos of his progress.

Isn't he a cute stripey boy! He's quite the lesson in determination.