Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Campbellsville, Kentucky

We arrived in Campbellsville, Kentucky November 1st, and were settled in by 6:30 p.m.. Our campground is called Heartland R.V. Park. This is the entrance to the campground. The owner began building it June 1st, so it is very pristine! At the end of the street is the Amazon.com distribution center where Roy will be working November 7th-December 23rd.

Here is a closer look at the Amazon.com facility. It's located in a rural area.

Our campsite is located at the far end of the road entering the campground. We have a roomy lot with a square gravel yard for the dogs. With the truck providing some privacy, it feels like a little courtyard.

Our camper isn't shown in the picture, but is located to the outside of this curve. It gives an open feel. You can see the cut into the hillside that would act as a sound barrier. Amazon can be seen between the two campers at the left side of the picture. It's a good distance away.

This is our view out the window behind the couch. It's kind of pretty, if you keep in mind we're in a work camp. It has an open, clean, orderliness. The other campers have been very welcoming. My impression is that the majority of campers are here for the seasonal work at Amazon.com. We've considered our other camping options and decided we'll stay here. This campground is close enough that Roy can walk to work leaving the truck available for me. Although we're here 6 days ahead of Roy's start date, the campground owner is going to bill Amazon for those days along with our months rent. Electricity is free!

Here are the girls looking content in their new yard. Otis and I checked out places to walk today. He's undaunted by his new environment. He met a couple of 8 year old girls that said they will be staying here through Christmas. They took his picture and promised to get him a present! We're off to a good start! More pictures to come, as we go out exploring!