Monday, November 22, 2010

Talking Southern

Hi Ya'll. I have to tell you a funny story based on our dog named Sugar and Sugar also being a southern term of endearment like Sweetie or Honey. I was out for a walk around the campground with Sugar, when at a distance a white haired man with two young grandchildren looked my way and said hi. I had no sooner completed my hi, when Sugar was pulling at the end of her long leash. Without having broken eye contact and in perfect timing to my completing my hi, out came "Come here Sugar". I didn't think anything of my command until I saw the man staring at me with a bewildered look and seeming to struggle with a reply. I can just hear it being told now how some hussy made a pass at him right in front of his young grandchildren! I slunk away with a slightly tarnished reputation, but chuckling all the way back to the camper! I won't make that mistake again! Marilyn :-)