Friday, November 5, 2010

Settling In

We seem to be getting better at settling into our new surroundings, as this time it happened very quickly. We've taken three tours through the streets of Campbellsville, as well as, some outlying areas, and feel we have a general knowlege of where to find things. During our last tour, we started to notice an abscence of bars and liquor stores. Oh no! We're in a dry county! In checking the internet for the seriousness of this; we find we're in the middle of 12 dry counties!!! That's 2 counties deep to all sides of Taylor county except for the north. Thank goodness for liberal northerners! We haven't made the trip to the neighboring county, but it looks like the community of Lebanon is only about 20 miles away. I found a website showing the different degrees to which alcohol can be sold in Kentucky's counties. I put a link to it on our blog. There's too much information to go into here, but take a look at it. It's really interesting.

The other thing we noticed in our travels was the lack of road shoulders for bicycle riding. The tiny road edges we saw had rumble strips through them. Roy decided to stop by a gym. Wow! It was only $30 a month or $5 a visit. Roy is now bicycling indoors! That's probably a good thing with the colder weather coming on.

We don't have cable t.v. at our campground, so we decided to check out whether we could get videos from the Family Video Store. It was another cool find! With just a drivers license and a phone number, we were able to get a video rental membership. Being new members, we get all our rentals for half price the next 30 days, and also received some freebies through a sheet of coupons we were given. This is pretty sweet, as we are only going to be here 60 days. I suspect when we go to the next area, we'll get the same offer again!

The weather has turned windy, cold, and rainy the last half of this week. The weekend daytime temperatures have been in the 40s, and last night got down to 26 degrees! The camper is staying warm. This week the daytime temperatures are supposed to go back up into the 70s and drop only into the 40s at night. I'm glad to see that.

Roy goes to an inservice regarding his new job Monday, and then his work adventure will begin. More information on that later.