Sunday, March 20, 2011

Internet Games

When Winter came to Campbellsville, Kentucky during our stay there, and having free internet services in our RV park; Roy began playing a popular internet game called Farmville. I soon became interested. At first the game seemed simplistic, but we were quickly pulled into the many intricacies of the game. It entails starting with 25 bare plots of ground, now represented as a small plowed garden on the left side of my sprawling farm; and building the farm up to obtain experience levels, crop masteries, and a variety of ribbons. The excitement of the game is increased further by interacting with friends from Michigan, as well as, people from countries around the world! It's the first time I've played an interactive online game, and I must say it is very addictive. We've both spent far to much time sitting at the computer involved in this game. Once I achieve the goals I've set in the game I plan to delete it and not start any others. I advise others not to start playing, especially as full time RVers. To play games of this type it takes a faster internet connection than we've found at the majority of RV parks we've stayed at, and will burn through the 5 gigabytes that our Verizon card provides in approximately 10 days of conservative play. We learned this when going through withdrawal upon leaving Campbellsville! When we arrived at our current RV park, we couldn't believe our luck at once again having high speed internet! Before leaving we need to wrap-up our game playing. Roy recently went cold turkey, and I plan to sign-off by Summer.