Saturday, March 26, 2011

Summer Plans

Friends are asking, "When will you be coming to Maine?" Family wants to know if we are coming to Indiana, and friends are wondering if we are planning to spend time in Michigan. Roy and I have envisioned getting back to some of our favorite places in Idaho before Winter comes again, and visiting friends there that we haven't seen for many years. If we were rich, we'd swing across the southern states and up the east coast seeing things we'd like to see along the way, and end up in Maine for a good portion of the Summer. We'd travel through the Catskills of New York heading back west, visit friends in Michigan, and drop south into Indiana. By early Fall we'd be in the western states, and drop into Arizona for the Winter. The hill country of Texas is starting to blossom into full Spring with hints of Summer activities. The staff and residents at Miller Creek RV Park are easy to enjoy life with. Roy started a workkamper position this week at our RV park. We've decided to enjoy life in Texas this Summer unless we're too weak to take the heat, but wouldn't it be nice to step into a transporter room as depicted in Star Trek and be beamed wherever we all wanted to go! Energize!!!! We love all of you no matter where we're at!