Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life at Miller Creek RV Park

For the last few months we've been settling into life at Miller Creek RV Park, also known known as The Oasis of Hill Country. We've decided that if Wal-Mart was to build within the park complex we'd never have to leave the property! This is the entrance to the formal portion of the park. We are located in the more rustic north annex.

The building to the right is the office and the cabin to the back of the picture has apartments in it. There are also rustic cabins available.

This area of the park has nice pull-through lots, and rallies meet here often.

Heading toward the back of the park you come to the Recreation Hall about midway.

Just up the road from the Recreation Hall is a nice dog run. Here's Sugar enjoying a run!

Further down this road is the exercise room with a hot tub and steam room.

Here's a peak inside the exercise room. This is probably as close as I'll get to using the exercise equipment, but it's nice having it just in case the mood strikes! The hot tub and steam room are more my speed.

At the back of the park are more cabins.

Looking toward the office, to the right is the front of the Recreation Hall and to the left is a pavillion with a fire pit. Both places are great for socializing.

Here's another look at the Rec. Hall. There are lots of places to sit and visit.

Every Wednesday night is a dinner. Roy and I always enjoy being there. We have started attending some card games. We totally enjoy the super high speed internet provided by the RV park! Other activities to choose from are crafts, book discussions, karaoke, and local outtings for massage, theater, restaurants, and sightseeing.

Here is the fire pit pavillion called the Watering Hole. I've spotted a ping pong table inside and a horseshoe pit nearby. On the other side of the building are restrooms, showers, and a laundromat.

To the side of the fire pit pavillion is a dog wash area. Here's Prin getting a bath on a nice 75 degree day in February! Didn't I tell you the owner thought of everything!

He recently put in a dog play area in our annex. Prin and Sugar are loving it, as well as, another 8 dogs so far. Play groups are forming. Odie says it's great for cats, too!