Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Otis has a girlfriend! That's YC (ie. Yellow Cat) on the picnic table. She is a feral cat that has become domesticated. She lives outdoors, but has a home with some long term residents at the RV park. Odie walks a long distance each day to YC's home to see her, and she runs out to be near him. Love is in the air!

Below is a cute picture of Sugar and Prin caught quickly while they were wrestling on the couch one morning! The bond those two have is amazing. You can see why Sugar had to join the family! Below is a picture of Roy and Charles, newly nicknamed DB for Daddy's Boy! No more wild cat, just a full fledged lovebug! Charles still doesn't show any interest in stepping foot outdoors!

What a crew! Life on the road with our furry family has worked out great!