Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taxes From Afar

This is our second year of filing taxes while out of Michigan, and with the added complexities of closing a business, and work in different states. With today's technology it's no problem. Roy says the process goes like this:
1. Send business receipts and W-2 forms to the tax service we've used for years.
2. The tax service Emails us a form to authorize them to file our taxes online.
3. We print-out the form, sign it, scan it, and Email it to the tax service. We have a scanner/printer.
4. The tax service Emails us a voucher to send with our check to the government.
5. A few days later a package with paper copies for our records arrives in the mail.

No problem, but coming up with the money! Ahh, another tax year behind us! :-)