Thursday, April 28, 2011

Texas Wildflowers

The last two months have been filled with talk of wildflowers, and when they will peak for the best viewing. There are websites devoted to roadway loops, called Bluebonnet Trails, where you can drive along and see meadows of wildflowers. The websites have postings by the public, as to where they've seen the best wildflower display. For our area the best show of flowers was between our RV park and Johnson City! As part of the Spring flower excitement, several communities hosted what some called a Wildflower Festival and others a Bluebonnet Festival. Due to lack of rain there weren't the meadows full of flowers we'd hoped to see, but still a nice sampling. I don't know the names of most of these flowers, but enjoy the show!

These are Texas Bluebonnets. They provide a wonderful contrast for the brighter flowers.

The Texas Indian Paintbrush steals the show in my opinion!

The Indian Blankets are pretty. In these wildflowers, you can definitely see where the hybrids you buy in the stores originate from.




Interesting! It's called Antelope Horns.

Cute little sparkly puff balls. If I identified it correctly online, this plant is called by these three names: Sensitive Briar, Bashful Briar, and Cat's Claw.

This is a Rain Lily.

Coreopsis, I think.

Nice lavender color.

Poppies? Primrose?

They come in white, too.

Hope you enjoyed the show.