Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting Ready to Roll

Well, the inspector has been here, and liked what he saw. We're being told that the closing will be around the 23rd, but no definite date has been given yet. That works out great, as I'll have some paperwork to complete before bidding farewell to the workforce. This weekend we'll start packing what we can and doing some final cleaning. Roy had new tires put on the truck, and will be getting new tires on the camper. He purchased a bike rack that clamps onto the bumper of the camper. The design is cool in that the part that holds the bikes plugs into a Reese hitch. If we wanted to transfer the carrier to the truck, all we would have to do is plug it into the hitch that the ball for the trailer fits in. We found that for a girls bike to sit on the carrier straight, there is an adapter bar that can be clamped from the seat to under the handlebars. It makes a bar like a boys bike. We're starting to formulate some tentative travel plans. My brother, Bill, and his wife, Marsha, are planning on being in Florida to watch the space shuttle launch. At this point, we are thinking we will watch the launch with them and then travel the coast to Texas. I still can't believe our adventure is really going to happen. With cold snowy weather here, we're really looking forward to going to warmer places in our little camper home, with nothing to do, but love our dogs, cat, and each other.