Saturday, December 26, 2009

Super Holiday

Roy and I are having a superb start to our adventure! The festivities with June, Earl, the kids and their special others, as well as, grandkids and grand dogs has been wonderful. Food and treats abound! We've been comfy in our camper with temperatures in the 60's up to 72 degrees. Outside temperatures have been mostly mild. We've only been running the ceramic heater and our electric blanket. A cold room and toasty bed makes for great sleeping. The dogs and cat seem to have taken to their new home perfectly. The camper organization is better than I expected, but will get even better. Tuesday we carried things to the camper most of the day and onward to 3:30 Wednesday morning. The buyers were hauling things into the house until around 2:00 a.m.!!! I don't know how many miles we walked that day back and forth and up and down two camper steps. All I know is by the wee hours of the morning I was having to step backwards out of the camper to use a new group of muscles as the others were so sore. I have been sooooo sore down my back, legs, and arms. Today I'm finally feeling the pain leave. Wednesday Roy and Earl went back to the house to pack up the garage. They used their heads when they quick packed stuff into the truck and brought it into Earl's heated garage for further sorting. Roy has been able to sort and pack at his leisure. Between all the indoor fun June, Earl, Roy, myself, and the 4 dogs have stolen away for some fun in the snow letting the dogs run. Life is good!