Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tentative Plans

Yesterday was the official closing on the sale of the house. We're happy for the young couple who are buying it. They have some great plans, and best of all their daughter will be within a 5 minutes walking distance of school. She previously spent an hour getting to school and another hour getting home! Today is the day everything goes to the camper! It's finally here!!! Roy has been running a ceramic heater in the camper and despite the temperature outside dropping to zero, the camper has remained warm. Our plan is to move in, and then remain in the area until after Christmas! We've heard the temperature is supposed to be 34 degrees Christmas Day. Hopefully that's outside and not inside the camper!!! If Winter temperatures in the camper get too cold, we'll move indoors with our good friends, June and Earl. The camper will be parked in their driveway. We are thinking we may stay in the area until the 28th. Once on the road, the tentative plan is to head to Florida and travel the coastline across to Texas. Roy and I both agree we are feeling a great sense of freedom even with all that we still have to do.