Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For The Love Of Nature

Being in Florida during freezing temperatures, an animal loving friend has brought to my attention the effects the cold temperatures in the South have besides damage to the fruit crops. In some parts of Florida, Iguanna's are freezing and falling from the trees. I've heard of some rescue efforts. Manatees and sea turtles die when the water temperatures drop. Manatees, affected by water temperatures below 68 degrees, are congregating in mass in power canals seeking higher temperatures. We haven't seen any of it here. I've heard of some rescue efforts going on in the Bradenton and Anna Maria Island area. I've been researching the internet on how to get involved, but with minimal results. I'll keep looking. We were packing up to leave Bonifay today to head for Bradenton, when the campground owner told me about a wolf sanctuary in this area. Wow! It sounds like too good of an experience to pass by. Seacrest Wolf Preserve is the largest in the Southeast U.S. ( Tours lasting 2 1/2 hours are given on Saturdays. I've read they allow close interaction. We'll be sticking around Bonifay at least for another week! We can use the time for some more camper projects, geocaching, and internet research. Marilyn