Friday, January 29, 2010

Prin, Sugar, and Charles

The fur babies are settled in, and have routines established. Everyone is doing well. Sugar was at the other end of the couch sleeping when I got ready to take this picture, but ran to hide when she heard the click of the camera being turned on. She is extremely camera shy. Her ears are fine tuned to the sound of the camera. She runs when she hears it, or sees it pointed at her! We're working with her on allowing pictures, as we are anxious to capture her beautiful smiling face! She's enjoying being a traveler. Sugar is quite the activities director. She lets me know when she's had too much sitting around. If I get in shape, I'll owe it to Sugar making me get out and walk. Both Sugar and Prin are doing extremely well getting used to the activities and noises of city life.
Charles weathered his trip South riding in the camper. He seemed to thrive on the excitement of things crashing and banging. I imagine that it could be invigorating like facing the trials of life outdoors. He has lots of windows to look out of, and isn't showing any interest in the door except to watch birds and squirrels. To the left of the door you can see the cool modification Roy made to this end table cabinet for Charle's litter box to go in. The dogs can't access it. Charles also has a neat den in the enclosed couch base. He can access it by going over the back of the couch. We keep his dry food and a blanket there. It's nice that the dogs can't raid his food dish. Charles has become quite the Daddy's Boy! Roy and Charles enjoy teasing each other, having breakfast together, and even enjoying petting and holding time! We're really glad we brought him along.