Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life in the RV Park

I've never thought of Wintering in an RV park as being for me, but I think we all wonder about it a little. We'll be trying it out through the end of January thanks to the wonderful manager that made it possible. Here is the view through the front window of our camper. Below you can see how tightly RVs and non-mobile units are packed in. We're told that the space behind our camper is ours to use, but being so close to both our neighbors windows we don't feel comfortable taking the dogs there. We are choosing to take the dogs out of the park to do their necessaries. There is parking room only in the front.
Despite the close proximity in which people live there is a spaciousness provided by people opening their homes to nature and being active inside, or away from their properties. Particularly in the morning, but throughout the day, people are walking, riding bikes, or driving scooters and golf carts. They walk dogs, take their parrot for a ride, socialize, jog, and go to the community activities. Mornings have shuffleboard, crafts, coffee and donut socials. There are wonderful wide paved walkways outside the park where one can walk, or drive their golf cart to the local businesses. There is a swimming pool and the park has a pond for paddle boats. In the evening there is bingo, cards, and presentations. People here are independent, but social, too.
This type of trailer home is common in the park. The section next to the screen room appears to have been a camper at one time. A company produces a screen room made to attach to trailers. There are also stationary expansions that can be built on. I've seen various roof styles. Some are small slightly peaked rooves that cover just the camp trailer, and can be purchased to coordinate with the screen room. Some are larger to cover the added expansion. Our neighbors expansion runs the length of the trailer and provides another 4 feet of width. In the above picture the roof covers the whole expanse.
This cute yellow trailer is across from our location. Our neighbor says it can be purchased for $12,000. The lot rent for 6 months occupancy in the park is $3,660 lakeside and $3,564 for a regular lot. If a person wants to stay extra months, it's $80 per month. To stay year round the lake lots are $4,149 and regular lots are $3,843.I can see the appeal of Wintering in a friendly active park like Ellenton Gardens, but for now Roy and I look forward to traveling the wide open spaces.