Thursday, January 7, 2010

Relaxing Into Our New Life

Monday night we pulled into Florida Springs RV Park in Bonifay, Florida to request use of the shower facilities, and ended up staying the night. We were headed for Key West to escape the cold. The nights rest felt so good we registered for another evening. By Wednesday we decided a week of the same would be even better. We've registered for a stay through Tuesday the 12th. It's only Friday the 8th and we're already thinking another restful week sounds good! A great deal of mental and physical recuperation is needed! We feel very much at home in the RV Park, Bonifay, and Chipley. This areas upcoming 60-70 temperatures will suit us more than the 80s we might eventually get in Key West. It will help us acclimate. Although we sometimes feel we should be out doing vacation things, we are quite content for now relaxing into our new life. We have purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop with a 17" screen for our on the road computing. It is amazing, and there's a lot to be learned about what it can do. One great feature is that it will upload pictures off the camera memory stick and save them without the process of hooking a wire into the camera and going through several steps to save the pictures! That will be nice for our blog posts. Roy is working on installing a 32" flat screen t.v. today! He will have to modify a wall to hold the weight. I'm enjoying quiet time, and occasionally puttering with organizing cabinets. The furry crew seem content to spend lots of time resting, too. It's been a hard 8 month push reorganizing our life. Once recuperated we'll be ready to play!