Monday, October 6, 2014

Camp Verde, AZ

The first week in October we arrived in Camp Verde, Arizona.  Follow Highway 17 down the right side of the map.  We had originally planned to only stay a week to see the tourist attractions noted on the map, but within three days decided a month here would be great!  It is such a pleasant community!
We settled into Trails End R.V. Park.  It is just outside the business district of Camp Verde, and so conveniently close to everything!  We highly recommend that if you are coming to this area that you choose Camp Verde for your stay!  Trails End R.V. Park is a small, quiet, dog friendly park, with nice people, great Internet, cable t.v., and reasonable rates!  Here is a link to their website:  Trails End R.V. Park
This is looking toward Camp Verde from the r.v. park, which is on the main street of town.
Across the street from the r.v. park is a Dollar General.  It is within walking distance and soooo convenient!
Across the street from the r.v. park and next to the Dollar General is a dirt road that is perfect for turning the dogs loose for a run!
The dogs love it and we do too!  Prin and Sugar generally like to do loops out through a field but whatever the scrub is it must be pretty prickly, as they are confining their runs to the road.  I haven't seen any cacti to be concerned about, but the scrub looks pretty dry and scratchy. 
The buildings you see off in the distance are all the fast food chains by the Camp Verde exit off of Highway 17. They are only about 3 miles from the r.v. park.  We may try walking to them sometime down this dirt road!
When you cross the street from the r.v. park and look towards the community of Camp Verde you can see that the main business district is only about a half mile away!
The newer section of town consists of this nice strip mall with almost everything a person needs in it! Basha's is a nice grocery store.  It has a deli with hot foods at such low prices you couldn't buy the ingredients and make it yourself for less!  Roy and I are learning the joy of purchasing prepared meals at eat at home prices!  If you are in Camp Verde, stop by Crusty's Pizza!  Roy and I have eaten 4 large pizzas in our 3 weeks here!  Need I say more!!!  We also discovered a great beer at Crusty's called Alaskan Amber.  We chuckle that it took coming to Arizona to discover a beer brewed in Juneau, Alaska! It's available in Basha's Grocery and possibly in your area, too!  Yum!   
If you continue along the main road, you'll come into old Camp Verde. It's businesses are still active and the area looks good!  There is a large casino nearby.
Check out this cement sidewalk stamped and stained to look like wood!  It is part of the ambiance of having historic Fort Verde in town.
Here is a nice Internet picture of Fort Verde.  The parade grounds are to the forefront.  The building on the right is the commanding officer's quarters, the white building near it is the unmarried officer's quarters and the next building to the left within the fenced area is the doctor's quarters.  Fort Verde at its peak consisted of 22 buildings and was never enclosed by a stockade. Battles never took place on the fort premises.  The fort was built between 1871 and 1873 during the Apache war era.  The fort was abandoned in 1891.  The buildings today houses a nice museum.