Saturday, October 4, 2014

Flagstaff And Strange Anomalies!

In this post I'm going to speak of anomalies I never knew existed, but feel we experienced in Flagstaff. You're going to be asking yourself what kind of drugs we may have taken!  We questioned the sensations we felt during our months stay in Flagstaff, but love that those sensations have been validated by scientific research! While there were normal life things that we liked and disliked about Flagstaff, the odd sensation we felt while there kept us in a constant state of wanting to get out of the area as quickly as possible!   
It's hard to capture a community in a few pictures, but we got a couple great shots from the Lowell Observatory hilltop located near the old downtown area of Flagstaff. Flagstaff is the first dark skies community in the nation and Lowell Observatory is where Pluto was discovered.  We didn't take part in the observatory programs.
This is looking to the southeast across Flagstaff.  The large white dome on the right is the Skydome of Northern Arizona University.
The left side of the picture at a distance is to the northeast of Flagstaff.  The mountain on the left side of the picture I believe would be the volcano Mt. Elden. Greer Pine Shadows R.V. Park, where we stayed, is beside Mt. Elden.  The lava fields of Sunset Crater, as well as other volcanos, are in the distance across the back of the picture. Sunset Crater is a hot spot for magnetic vortexes. What!!! What's a magnetic vortex? There is a lot of information on the Internet about the influence of volcanos on the earth's magnetic field. They create an erratic energy rather than the north-south magnetic alignment that we are use to.  Roy and I could feel this scattered energy and didn't like it! Before we even knew of such things and were trying to figure out this odd sensation, I commented to Roy one day how it felt like the air was buzzing with erratic energy and the normal north-south flow of magnetic energy in my body was somehow affected.  What a weird thing to even think of and propose!  That's when I decided to research the magnetic field readings for Flagstaff! Wow! We couldn't believe what is documented about the area in regards to the effects of magnetic energy! Sedona in particular has been documented for the affects of magnetic vortexes. Here is one particularly good website about the effects they have on a person:  Be sure to check out the altered brainwaves!
There are lots of books out in regards to magnetic vortexes.  In Sedona there are tours to some of the known vortex hot spots such as Castle Rock and Bell Rock.  The vortexes are touted by some  to be mystical and healing.  My gut feeling is that anything that can warp your brainwaves and alter the normal energy flow through your body probably isn't good for you!  Within the first few days that we were in Flagstaff we half jokingly commented about some of the people walking around in what appeared to be stupors!  In general we found something in our interaction with people as somehow off kilter.  We couldn't identify what is was, but just knew something was abnormal. We noticed that time on the clock seemed to nearly stand still and that the camper although leveled from a lean away from the mountain appeared visually to lean toward Mt. Elden! As Roy stated, we found ourselves being aware of things a person shouldn't really even think about! In regards to the clock, Roy brought up the concept of time dilation, as affected by magnetic energy! It's another concept I'd never heard of, but seems to fit in regards to an area with an altered magnetic field!  Here is a link to Wikipedia:  There is a section referencing the affect of magnetic energy.
This is a parking area for trails going to and up Mt. Elden.  This is on the northern edge of  Flagstaff in a business district and shows how nature is so closely tied to the community.
Check out the slope of the wide bike path on the right side of the picture.  From our r.v. park we could have coasted nearly all the way to downtown Flagstaff! Flagstaff has 50 miles of urban bike paths of which about 25 miles are currently paved.  They hope to increase their trails both in and out of the city by an additional 80 miles for a total 130 miles of bike trails! Flagstaff is a community that really entices a person to become physically active!
Check out the bike rack on the front of the public transit bus!!!  After bicycling around town a person can then catch a bus to transport them and their bike home!
As far as the strange anomalies we felt, there is a curiosity that makes us want to explore it further, but knowing how it made us feel, we just as equally don't want to experience it again!  We may feed our curiosity by reading a few books about the Sedona Vortexes.  The picture of the people jumping and nearly floating is a representation of the strange sensation I felt as my body returned to the normalcy of a north-south energy flow!  There was a light feeling as if I jumped a few inches I might float 3 feet into the air!  Maybe there are youthful health benefits to the Flagstaff-Sedona magnetic fields!  The sensation felt good for the short time it lasted!  A few weeks later I was reading about the Sedona Effect and read where a woman described a sensation of being in an elevator that drops a foot and then bounces up a few inches!  Wow, more confirmation! On the other hand there is information on the Internet regarding the negative effects of exposure to magnetic fields!  Very interesting, as Roy and I have been sick for two weeks now with what I've finally come to realize is the same feeling I get when being spun excessively!