Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fort Verde Days Parade

We enjoyed being in Camp Verde during the October 11th and 12th annual Fort Verde Days celebration.  The weekend's festivities got underway with a great hometown parade! 
Here come the color guard!
More beautiful horses!
The kids in the parade all seemed extra cute!
One of the weekend events was a vintage baseball game.  Isn't it cute the way the one fellow posed!
What's a parade without fire trucks and police cars! What Roy and I loved most is that they didn't blast their sirens and horns like most parades we've gone to!
There is a local Greyhound rescue group.  These are retired dogs from racetracks.  You would think having a Greyhound as a pet would require providing lots of exercise for them, but I've heard from people involved in their rescue that the dogs are very calm and actually make good apartment pets!
Here is a picture showing the motorcycles heading east out of the new section of Camp Verde toward the old downtown.
I love the Chino Valley High School Marching Cougars uniforms! They sounded great, too!
Here's the cougar!!!  I'm glad it posed for a picture!
Here's a nice float with some more of the cute kids!
I haven't ever seen this done in a parade!  Great idea!
There were some vintage cars and trucks!
I'm not sure if it's a tractor or a bulldozer, but it looks like it'll get the job done!  I loved seeing an outdoorsy farm girl driving it!
This was an interesting invention!  The passenger in the 4 Wheeler was controlling the gadget the girls are riding on.  He could make it go in circles or slither like a snake!  It moved right along!
Here are representatives of the Yavapai (Yuh Vuh Pie) Apache Nation.  There is a local reservation. Camp Verde is in Yavapai County.
The End!  This is looking past the strip mall toward the r.v. park. Love this sweet community!