Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art

The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art is an artist-in-residence program created in 1967 by patron Donald Anderson.  The program accepts only 6 exceptional artists from those applying for the program.  The program's mission is to give the 6 chosen artists the "gift of time" to develop their art without distractions.  For 6 months to a year the program provides housing, studio space, and a monthly stipend for each artist.  The 6 artist's works are the only ones on display in this art museum.
The museum is fairly large so give yourself plenty of time to enjoy it!  It's free!
Here's Roy enjoying some artwork in the museum entrance gallery!
I love the openness of art galleries and seeing into several galleries from one location!
At times this painting looks like a working doorway!
I'm not sure what this is supposed to be, but it makes me say "ew" every time!  It's interesting how an art piece can evoke that response.  I tried to mentally work myself out of the sickening "ew gross" response to this sculpture, but without any luck!  Even the picture evokes a sickening disgust!  Evoking emotion seems to be what art is about.
Roy and I got a chuckle out of this huge painting!  We saw another huge painting in Alpine, Texas depicting a terrible disaster involving a semi-truck.  We've decided the long hours truckers spend on the road alone with their thoughts and the pressures they are under give rise to these surreal disaster nightmare paintings!      
I love the colors and serenity of these pictures!
 This is an interesting bar!
Ahhhh!  So beautiful and peaceful!