Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring River Park and Zoo

Roswell has a really nice zoo called, Spring River Park and Zoo.  Admission is free!
We were at the zoo midday and several animals were napping.  We're told that early morning or late in the day is the best time to see the animals being active. That is a fox high in the pen.
This is the buffalo pen.  The tiny thing in the white dust circle is a burrowing owl.
The message on the sign is only true for Roy, if you use the 50 year old criteria, but we thought it made for a great photo!  You may have to enlarge the picture by clicking on it, so that you can read the sign.   
On the left side of the fence is a large prairie dog village and on the right side of the fence is the coyote habitat.  We noticed that that predator and prey habitats were placed next to each other throughout the zoo.  Roy suggested it would be entertaining to the animals like cats watching birds out of a window.  I think he is right, as the coyote at the fence sure seemed enthralled! 
We were amazed at how much the coyotes look like our dog, Sugar, and move like her!  They were fascinating to watch.  I'm sure we'll be back another day!
Do you see the inhabitants of the circular pen?  Standing right next to the pen we could hardly see them!  On the left side of the pen about mid pen height are two wildcats on a branch.  It's amazing they blend in that well right out in the open in full daylight!  Note the deer in the neighboring pen.  It doesn't seem bothered by the cats close by.
There are two eagles in this pen.  Both have damaged wings.  Utilizing injured birds for teaching purposes is common practice.
This row of cages have birds of various types.
This lemur was cute on his swing.  He has some companions in the cage with him.
These are some interesting looking goats.  The zoo has a lot more animals, a big park with nice playground equipment, a small train, large carousel, and concession stand.  Starting in mid April the rides and concession stand are open, and the zoo has evening hours.  We're already planning a return visit to see more animals, enjoy the rides, and have corn dogs and cotton candy!