Sunday, March 10, 2013

Roswell Museum and Art Center

Since our arrival in Roswell, we've been living life like a couple of tourists!  Every other day we try to get out to tour something.  We generally start with a drive around town to get an overview of where things are.  The next trip into town we check out the grocery stores and a few other places we generally shop.  After getting settled into the basics, we start checking out the museums.
The Roswell Museum and Art Center is a large museum so give yourself plenty of time!  Roy and I visited it twice to adequately see everything!  Admission is free! 
The depth of this culvert in front of the museum hints that the area may get some major flash flooding! 
This is a 2012 abstract work by Martie Zelt called, "Birds in a Birdbath".  I keep thinking that if I stare at it long enough that something will click and I'll understand it!  I hope I didn't ruin your appreciation of the piece and ability to understand what was being conveyed, when I photoshopped out a red strip hanging down from the center of the gray area to the bottom of the picture.  I thought it was a reflection of my sweatshirt cord in the glass!!!   
Here is another 2012 artwork by Martie Zelt called, "Waiting for Spring".  Okay, I can relate to the brown being mud and the coming of flowers.  Maybe that yellow Z is a duck!  I'm scoffing a bit at these art pieces, but yet, I can't say that I don't like them.  I'm more baffled and intrigued.    
These are actually large pictures.  Seeing them from a distance I thought they were ink sketches, but in actuality, they are cut black paper over white paper!  The intricacy is amazing!  These are done by Catalina Delgado-Trunk.
I love this wire mesh furniture.  It actually appears comfortable.  I had to use lots of restraint, as I really wanted to try them out!  The hawk is a sketch on paper. 
Interesting!  Kind of makes you want to push the pieces back into a stack, doesn't it? 
This is framed broken ceramics!  This work is by Eddie Dominguez and is in the category of Art and Craft mixed media.  Eddie apparently has a sense of humor about this art piece, as he took a permanent marker and changed the f in craft to a p and crossed out the t.  That changes the art classification to "Art and Crap."  I got a chuckle and had to agree with the new art category! 
This ceramic piece equally repels and fascinates me, although I'm not sure what I'm looking for!
 I have the same feelings for this one!  It's interesting that the individual pieces are like artistic dinnerware!
 Pretty baubles!
This was interesting!  It is a nightstand, with interesting trinkets in it.  The cool thing is that there is an interior shelf of glass, so that a nice overlap of items can be created.  Roy suggested 5 glass shelves creating more depth and overlap would be interesting! 
It makes me ponder the home decor of artists!  It might be great, if you love their work, and pretty intolerable, if you don't! 
This frame was created by merging progressively smaller frames together.  It looks better than my crooked picture portrays it.  The name of the work is "I Could Do That".  I have to admit that is the first thing I thought, but with the small picture and all the framing a whimsical name could be, "It's All In The Framing"! 
The prior works have all been mind stretching, but it's time to slowly come back to reality!  This 2012 painting by Kim Wiggins is called, The Cattle Kings of the Pecos:  Blazing the Trail of 1867.  
We aren't quite back to reality yet and it already seems a little boring, doesn't it?