Friday, March 15, 2013

Roswell Antiques Mall

While we were downtown checking out the alien/UFO gift shops, we discovered the Roswell Antiques Mall.  What a great find!  It's a store, but has the feel of a museum.
Every business in Roswell has to have a little of the alien theme!  I enjoyed seeing these gourds painted to look like aliens in the antiques mall window!  
This is one aisle in the antiques mall.  As you walk down the aisles, there are separate boothes with displays.
I love the displays that are set-up similar to a room in an antique home! 
Remember these?  I loved these gumball machine and coin banks!
I remember having one of these!  I was so bad at Chinese checkers that I still have a negative response to seeing the game!  I may have to get a board and see if I've gotten any better at it! 
I remember a dresser and mirror like this being in my life for a short while.  I think it still looks pretty cool! 
I had a ruffled polyester blouse like this in white, I think.  Didn't I feel dressed-up wearing ruffles and this new silky fabric!  I'm sure I had a hounds tooth skirt, too!  I think that's what that check pattern is called!
Anybody remember typing reports on one of these?  I remember getting into a typing groove, zoning out, and running off the bottom of the page on many occasions!  There wasn't anything to do about it besides to start over and be more vigilant!  Kids today don't know how good they have it!
All these aprons make me feel a little more nurtured!
Check out the fresh citrus fruit juicers!  Didn't they create an excitement and anticipation for having a glass of real orange juice!  
Remember the matching nic-nac salt and pepper shakers?  They were so exciting, interesting, and fun!  Seems like everyone had a small collection of them!
I found these pipes and holder to have an interesting feeling of home and hearth.   
I remember all these types of Easter eggs!  They were all so fascinating!
I included this piece just because I like it!  Recently Roy and I have been encountering pictures of days gone by with pets in them.  It always strikes me as odd that everything in the picture is foreign, because of the time period, but then there is a pet that looks just as they do today!  This picture doesn't convey it as profoundly as some we've seen.  I think I'm going to start a small collection!  Wasn't the Roswell Antiques Mall a nice walk down memory lane!  Be sure and visit it while in Roswell!