Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Red Barn R.V. Park, Roswell, NM

We arrived in Roswell around 5:00 p.m. on the same day as our departure from Alpine.  The black truck on the end lot at the back of the park is our home for March and April.  
This is our view out the side picture window.  Rick, a retired radio and t.v. announcer, lives in the cabin. There is an interesting group of people living at this park.  The manager, also named Rick, is a retired electrical engineer.  Amy, who is close to retirement, is a university professor working in an outreach program.  She is in the field of linguistics and is overseeing English as a second language programs in the area.  We have two young biologists working for the U.S.D.A. researching the wild hog overpopulation problem and an associated professional hunter. There is J.R., a heavy equipment mechanic, who has an interest in antique fire truck restorations. It's interesting who lives in r.v. parks!
Odie likes to explore the area at the back of the barn. Once again he is the popular one in our family!  He has already become friends with four adults in the park and one white poodle named Lulu!
This is our courtyard next to the r.v. park owner's stucco garage.  Behind the picket fence is a gateway to the field planted in Winter Wheat.  The cats are loving that we get lots of birds in the yard to watch and that the sun shines through the screen door giving them a nice warm patch of sunlight to lounge in!
What a treat for the dogs to be allowed to run in the field!!!  Odie loves to be in the field, too!  There are so many greens to eat and so little time! I've noticed that he is practicing his running in the field. The wheat provides a nice soft landing for his attempts.
Here's Prin checking out the horses.  Both Prin and Sugar have been excellent in coming when called from far out in the field.
This was a gorgeous sunrise of which the picture doesn't do justice.  The sky was even more purple than it appears!  Life is good!