Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Crew

Charles is lying on "His" cabinet. It is his dinner table for canned fare, and below is the hole to the litter box. Roy recently added a hole to Charle's approximate 2' square cat cave. Charles entered before by sliding down a narrow space behind the couch. His dry food is kept safe from the dogs in the cave, and he loves to travel snuggled away in there. Prin is in her chosen spot on the couch. She hasn't been a happy traveler in the truck. For some reason she is fine for short trips at lower speeds, but doesn't like longer trips at highway speed. We recently tried having Sugar and Prin ride in the camper. They both liked it, and showed their approval with smiles and wags.

Sugar is in her favorite spot under the table. When not there, she has gotten quite comfortable where Charles is lying on the couch. You've probably figured out by now from the hanging cat toy on the table, and all Charle's other accomodations who runs the household. Roy and I thought we were smart enough and strong enough not to let it happen! How do cats do it???