Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flood Watch!

Early this morning the rain returned with a vengence! At times it sounded like the fire department was blasting the trailer with their hoses on full force. I don't know of any other state that can rain like Indiana! Roy sat outside between downpours keeping vigil as to whether we would need to move the trailer to higher ground.

This picture was taken directly behind our trailer. Look how close the water is to the sidewalk. If you look at yesterday's blog, you can see how much the creek has come up the bank. While not totally spilling over the sidewalk on the campground side of the creek, it is flooding the street and parking lots on the other side.

There's just a few inches in our yard. It's under the blue rug, too. My sneakers are soaked from trips out with the dogs. I've decided some rubber boots would be a great addition to our gear.

This is the view this morning when walking toward Rice Island.

The sign on the left side of the picture saying "Grand Trails" is the campground we are staying at. The sign is near the entrance to the upper campground. We are upstream to the right of the picture in the lower campground! The flooded area to the front of the picture is the street going uphill to the campground. The white turbulance in the center of the picture is water rushing over the bridge. The pile of brush above the yellow sign is stuff that floated downstream and jammed against the culverts under the bridge. If you click the pictures, they will go full screen. Just hit the back button to return to the blog.

Here's a closer look at the bridge! We're not trapped on this side of town, as there is a higher bridge just a few streets away. My brother said some white water kayakers used to show up when the stream flooded just to shoot the rapids and float over the bridges. The city eventually put a stop to it. That's probably a good thing. As I'm writing at 5:20 p.m., it's still raining. We're enjoying a peaceful day indoors listening to the rain and watching the creek!