Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Movin' North

We had a great time with family, and it was hard to break camp and move on. Sunday, May 9th, was my birthday and the expiration date of my driver's license. We headed north to Michigan to take care of business. I learned that when your license expires on the weekend or a holiday you have the following business day to take care of the renewal. Sunday we stopped in Muncie, Indiana to tour the Ball family estate gardens. The Ball family donated the property and buildings that established Ball State University in 1918. Their money in part came from the production of Ball brand canning jars.

This was the home of Edmund and Bertha Ball. Isn't it magnificient! I love historic estates. The homes were not open for tours, but are used as part of the campus facilities.

This is William and Emma Ball's prior home. The homes are on a private parkway along a bend in White River.

This is the prior home of G.A. Ball.

Each home had woodland and formal gardens. I thought his path of brick and stone winding through the woods was pretty.

Don't you just love this picture of Roy taking time to smell the flowers!

Touring the gardens was a great way to spend a birthday. We stopped for the night at Pokagon State Park. We're staying a few days. I'll get pictures posted. It's a great park! Monday we took care of my drivers license renewal in Coldwater, MI, as well as, did an early renewal of Roy's and the truck registration. We were even able to update our voters registration. Roy dropped his CDL and other commercial driver ratings on his drivers license, so we consider him officially retired! Monday night we got a real treat when our good friend Earl Fiebig, a long haul trucker, stopped by while in transit. If things fall together for him today, we may get to visit again this evening.