Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pokagon State Park

It's Thursday and we've been at Pokagon State Park since Sunday. We are staying tonight and probably Friday. It's a great park. It's hard to capture a park with pictures, so I thought the best place to start was with a map of the park. As you can see there are lots of campground loops. The camp sites range from wooded to open grasslands.

Pokagon has something for everyone. It has bicycle, boat, horse, and x-country ski rentals. It has volleyball and basketball courts. There are several playgrounds for the kids. It has fishing, hiking & bicycling trails, and beaches for swimming. There is a toboggan run for the Winter. There are cabin rentals, a hotel, and restaurant.

This is our first campsite. It is next to the bicycle path. It was a great location, but was reserved by another person for Thursday. With the rain we've been having it was getting pretty muddy, so we didn't mind moving to a new location too much.

Roy picked this site with a cement platform. It's technically a handicapped site, but they let us use it anyway since they aren't very busy right now. After getting this site the sun popped out for the day. It's back to raining tonight, though.

Here is one of the cabins that they rent.

This is the Potawatomi Inn. The park lands and property all the way to Chicago were Potawatomi Indian lands. The name Pokagon comes from the last two notable chiefs of the tribe, a father and son.

This is the toboggan run. There are some videos of the Pokagon toboggan ride on UTube. It looks like fun!