Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Question: What do you like the most about your new life on the road?

Answer: We are enjoying the freedom from all the responsibilities that go with maintaining a home, and love experiencing new places.

Question: What do you miss most?

Answer: The only thing we miss are our friends. We don't miss anything to do with our prior home. Some things we thought we would miss are the dishwasher, garbage disposal, hot tub, washer/dryer, big screen t.v., recliner chairs, garage, and tools. Here's my thoughts on why I think they're not missed. With our small kitchen, it seems that we don't dirty as many dishes. The simplified lifestyle has made doing dishes pleasant. This is amazing as I couldn't picture life without a dishwasher. We haven't felt the loss of a garbage disposal as dumpsters are always available. I'm not sure why the hot tub isn't missed unless it's the relaxed, but active lifestyle. The laundromat's simplification of getting all the laundry done quickly has won out over the load at a time home system. We replaced our big screen t.v. with a 32" wall mount t.v. in the camper bedroom. It's newer technology has a better picture than our older one. Lying in bed watching t.v. must fulfill the previous need for recliners. Roy brought several tools. Working from the tailgate of the truck and some saw horses seem to fit the need for a garage, as the camper projects are small. We're pretty amazed ourselves that we can be as comfy as we are in a mere 24' trailer!