Thursday, May 20, 2010


Riding along Roy and I were discussing how we've watched Spring unfold in Florida and Indiana and are now going to watch it in the upper penninsula of Michigan. We were basking in how great it's been being outdoors in great weather. We began thinking of travels by seasons. When we got to October, we both got quiet with that sinking feeling one gets when they know Winter will be closing in on them. For those that aren't Winter sports enthusiasts, it becomes a time to stay indoors. All of a sudden the revelation that our outdoor activities will no longer be impacted by the snows of Winter hit us! We're free to go to snow-free places and continue our outdoor life. Wow!!! I guess we knew it, but it hadn't really sunk into our psyches until now. Our exhuberance for the late Fall and Winter months returned! With the weird cold that swept the south this Winter, we didn't get a full understanding of what the South has to offer.