Monday, February 22, 2010

Renaissance Fair

After reading Roy's Sunday blog, me thinketh he dranketh in too much of the fair atmosphere!!!

The fair was nicely done, and it was easy to get absorbed in the portrayal of the period. There were lots of venders, as well as, fair attendees dressed in the garb of the time. All gave their best Old English renditions. Stages were at every turn with presentations of comedy, music, acrobatics, etc. All were in keeping with the time period. We learned that it was okay to stand and watch awhile before moving on, but if you sat to watch the show you would be solicited to make a donation comparable to the value of the show! Rides such as the dragon seen at the left side of the picture were suspended by heavy rope cables and literally operated by the push and pull of the ride attendant! Foods were presented in a way to have one use their hands as much as possible.

I encountered this mythical tree creature and Pan-like elf upon first entering the festival. I have to admit it was a little scary, but I had to get my picture with them. Note the money basket in her hand for donations, and also my emerging tan!

Here's a closer shot of his face. It was a great costume! There were other great plant creatures, but they all required money for a picture.

One of the great events of the day was the full body contact joust. This was the opponent, Sir William.

Here is our winning knight, called Sir Oren.

The costumes, weaponry, language, food, bawdy behavior, mythology, and combative events pulled our imagination into the rawness of the times enough that I felt I could now understand how people found entertainment in human combat. I never saw that coming! Catch a festival, when you can. Next time Roy and I may show up in costume!