Monday, February 22, 2010

Dog Park Fun

Here are Prin and Sugar at Mango Dog Park meeting a Pug named Napoleon.

Below Sugar is checking out some more playmates. Prin and Sugar enjoy each other the most, but sometimes seek out their own friends. We encourage time apart.

Look how confident Sugar is looking! She enjoys any dog that will give a fun chase and gentle play. It's fun to see her exploring on her own. She's a good girl and minds very well!

Below the daring duo are checking out the action!

Prin loves puppies and smaller dogs. They must feel comfortable around her, as they seek her out, as do timid dogs. When not with them, she seems to hook-up with Boxers, Rottweillers, and Pit Bulls. Scary for Mom!

Below the pup seems to be saying, "Hey, Where are you going?"

It's been another fun day at the park! We'll all hate to leave it behind, when we move on. I want to find a list of dog parks across the country. A community having one will definitely influence where we stay. The dog park is not only a great place for dogs, but a nice way to meet people, too.