Sunday, February 21, 2010


This morning I awoke earlier then usual by 30 minutes. The sun's rays illuminated only the eastern sky. I thought the day would be overcast and threatening of rain. As I opened the blind, I was suprised to see a bright blue sky tarnished only by a very tall "Live Oak" that stands guard to the west. The top was awash in the golden rays of the rising sun. Each morning strange birds gather at its upper most limbs to bask in the morning light before taking up their days work. This morning the park's residents are active earlier then usual getting ready to head out to work at the Renaissance Festival. They are dressed in the colorful wardrobe of the era, high topped boots, and perhaps a dagger or sword about their waist. Yesterday we ventured out to the festival, spending the day wandering about the grounds. We saw several people from the park engaged in shows or vending items at the many booths. I was happy to watch the throngs wander endlessly about, while sampling a turkey leg and goblet of ale. We arrived back at the camp, as dusk descended quitely around us, tired from walking in the warm breeze and sunshine. Waking this morning after a long and sound sleep we settled into our reading of Thoreau's Walden and the endless contemplation and marvel of his wit and humor. Sometimes I feel like I was there in the cabin while fixing our break from fasting through the night before: strong coffee, fried potatoes, bacon and eggs. A breakfast small in proportion, but adequate to hold us for the bulk of the day, only bolstered by a light treat as the afternoon threatens. If you haven't read Walden it may be different then you think. It is hard to believe it was written in the mid 1800s. We may have to reread it and take notes on every referance to ancient text in order to fully appreciate just what he was trying to say. Mostly I find humor in the way he masks his love for spending the day relaxing and doing as little as possible by claiming how wasteful it is to put much effort toward mantaining the status quo of the working world, even though he could only live that way for 2 years before returning to the life he so deeply deplored. Today is laundry day so we are off to the coin op with a brief stop at the dog park.

RJ over morning coffee :-)