Friday, February 19, 2010

Home Life

Thursday was decision day for staying put or moving on. Although I was ready to get out of the city, part of me wanted to stay put in our rustic campground just to settle into some home life. Both Roy and I couldn't seem to make a decision, despite knowing staying for awhile longer was what was needed. For fun I flipped a coin for a 2 out of 3 decision. The coin confirmed staying where we're at was the best decision. We've paid our rent for another week. The manager is willing to convert our weekly rental into a monthly rental rate, if we choose to stay the month. That would mean that after this week, we would get the 3rd and 4th week for $60 each. The monthly rate is $435. That includes water, electricity, sewer, wi-fi, and trash pick-up. The monthly rate breaks down to $14.50 per day. I don't know if we'll stay beyond this week, as I'm anxious to head west into a more rural environment. We'll see where we're at mentally next Thursday. Today I did a bit more camper organization. I emptied two totes into cabinets making for a little less clutter. I gave myself a pedicure, listened to cds, started my new walking program, exercised a little, and read a frivolous magazine. These are strangely familiar activities that I haven't partaken in for a long time! How can one not get a bit younger with these types of activities. Roy took the day to seek out some beaches to metal detect on and a book to read during his breaks. Tomorrow it's off to the Renaissance Fair. I've never been to one. That should be interesting! Marilyn