Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Are We Doing?

Roy and I are doing exceptionally well. We're dealing with unexpected cold weather, boondocking, locating reasonably priced RV parks, camper organization, filling prescriptions on the road, and mail forwarding as just part of the challenges of RV living. Roy's health is improving and he's been able to reduce one medication and stop another. I'm working on my health issues and making some headway. The strangest thing I've noticed is that my hair seems to be less grey after 46 days on the road! I'm watching the progression closely to see if I'm fooling myself! Is it a less stressful life, the One-A-Day Women's Vitamin I started taking before we left, eating better, or my imagination? It seems Roy's hair is getting less grey, too, though! We both are getting a little tanned and losing some weight without trying. We both want to pursue losing several pounds. We're enjoying listening to music, reading for entertainment, and more fresh air and sunshine than we have in years. That's got to do something for a person. Life is good!