Sunday, November 29, 2009

Offer Accepted!

We signed on an offer the day before Thanksgiving, and the family wants to be moved in by Christmas!!! Things are going to start happening very fast over the next 3 weeks. We're thrilled, but also fearful of getting our hopes up and not having the sale go through. The buyers are as excited as we are, and financing seems assured. I'll continue working until December 20th. We might just be headed over the river and through the woods to warmer places before the first big snowfall! Woo Hoo!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Great Title - Poor Recommendation

This book is very dry reading! It reads like a manual. Over several months, I've managed to read-skim to page 417 of 561. I'm not sure I'll make it to the end. Despite the lack of enjoyment in reading it, I must give the authors credit for covering all the basics of living in an RV. The two points I gained from this book are: 1. Remodel the interior to fit your needs. 2. Maximize every space for storage. Suggestions were made for organizing cabinets, utilizing wall space, and building shelves in small spaces one might not think of using. Although I haven't enjoyed this book, I'm currently reading another by the same authors, and am finding it pleasant to read. More on that later. Marilyn

Sunday, November 15, 2009

In The Interim

Never a dull moment here. While waiting for the house to sell, I have decided to return to the work force. I've worked out a very cool arrangement with our local hospital to contract my services as a speech therapist to them. A key point in the arrangement is a clause whereby I may release myself from the contract with a 30 day notice. Sweet! We weren't quite ready to give up on our chances to escape the Winter or delay the start of our adventure. The plan is for me to work with K-5th grade students at Lincoln School in the Soo. I'm actually thinking this could be fun after a four year break. I'll be able to stop by the shelter at the end of the work day and hug my kitties, too! Marilyn

Monday, November 9, 2009

House Cleaning

The house couldn't be cleaner, if we had a maid following us around! This is totally amazing given the fact that we don't have a maid, and I hate keeping everything this spotless! We had a photo session today at 10:00 so that the realtor could update our pictures online and take even more. They like to show 25 pictures!!! The gal doing the pictures did a nice job. One of the realtors from the yard sale called us Sunday night to ask for a 5:00 Monday showing!!! I'm hoping this will be the one to put me out of my house cleaning misery. Marilyn

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Final Yard Sale

Roy's idea to have our final yard sale the day of the Brimley Christmas Craft Show was brilliant! The sale was a super success! I was worried what the weather would be like this late in the Fall, but the temperature was very comfortable. This week we'll haul the odds and ends that are left to the Salvation Army. I told two young girls, who were excitedly telling me about getting their first apartment, that they were welcome to stop by tomorrow and take whatever they wanted of the things that are left. A bonus to our yard sale was having two realtors stop by. We took them through the house. One had a young couple he was going to contact. Wouldn't that be something, if the yard sale ended up selling the house, too? We talked with a man today who Winters in Gold Canyon, Arizona. He says it's 30 minutes southeast of Phoenix. The twinkle in his eyes and the excitement in his voice when talking about the warm Winter weather and fun activities in the RV park was inspirational. Everything today has greatly renewed our optimism!!!