Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Rosemount Museum

The Rosemount Estate (Museum) is located in Pueblo and is considered Colorado's Crown Jewel!  Having toured many estates, including the historic Newport, Rhode Island mansions of our nation's wealthiest families, we place Rosemount right up with the most elegant!  It is a must see for anyone that loves historic homes of grandeur!
Rosemount was built in 1893 for the John and Margaret Thatcher family.  Mr. Thatcher established the first bank in Pueblo and later established banks throughout Colorado.  Rosemount took 3 years to be built.  It is unique compared to other historic estates in that 80% of its furnishings are original to Rosemount!  The beautiful exterior stonework was quarried near Castle Rock, Colorado.    
From the time you near the front entryway, the elegance and amazing use of wood and details is evident!   
This is the foyer of the 37 room estate.  It features massive golden oak woodwork, while other rooms in the home are done with equally beautiful and massive white oak, tiger and birdseye maple, cherry, curly and regular birch, lacewood and mahogany.  The light fixtures throughout the home come from Tiffanys and are works of art in themselves!  They are highly functional in their ability to work off of electricity or gas.  Each fireplace glistens with its own beautiful tile colors.  The home is 3 stories, two of which were for the family and one for the maids.  Male employees had quarters within the carriage house.
Rosemount is open year round, but if you are in the Pueblo area from Thanksgiving through Christmas, you'll get the extra special treat of seeing the estate decorated for Christmas!  Pictures and videos are not allowed inside the estate.  The ones in this blog are from the Internet.  Interior images online are very limited and many that I found are copyrighted.  You can see several copyrighted photos at this link:   Jim Steinhart, Photojournalist

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Pueblo Zoo Electricritters

This is the 25th year for the Pueblo Zoo fundraiser called Electicritters.  This year there are 150 displays designed by local artists.  Tickets at the gate are $7.00 for adults, but tickets may be purchased in advance for a reduced cost and quicker entry into the event!  Following are just a few samples of the numerous displays!
We love how the moon made this photo even more enchanting!
Simple, but sweet!
Enjoy your tour of Electricritters!
We loved these walk-through displays!
This rhino put on an ever changing light show!
Many of the displays, such as Santa's sled dog team, were designed to appear to be moving!
This was a simple, but fun display in some bushes.
Click on this picture to get a closer look!

This display reminded me of a large snake we saw in Texas that climbed a tree!
You can see the extra light circuits that made these African Wild Dogs appear to be wagging their tails.
We're glad we made it to the Electricritter light show for Christmas and look forward to returning to the zoo in the Spring to see the 500 resident animals!