Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kitchen Improvement

This is a belated posting as Roy actually made the change to the kitchen cabinet below before leaving Michigan. I was waiting to blog the change until the rest of the cabinet was re-stained. Since we're soon to be moving-on, and we're getting further from the time in which the project was done, I figured I better post this cool improvement now.

The nook in the cabinet with the spindle railing is how the cabinet originally came. The nook is 2 inches deep to the railing. It seemed never to be good for anything, but collecting junk. Spices didn't comfortably come out over the rail, and looked messy, too.

Roy built a long cabinet door with an attached inner shelf that tilts the spices out with it when opened. He plans to touch-up the faded stain on the rest of the cabinet.

Here's our new spice drawer! It's a great improvement! It utilizes the space well, rids all of these bottles from our other cabinets, is handy to the stove, and looks nice!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Home Life

Fall is in the air here in southern Indiana. Here is the view out our dining area window. The days are a wonderful 70-80 degrees with the nights cooling into the 40s. I've been wanting to blog our activities, but it seems that there isn't much to tell. I've been working with Otis outside daily on his physical skills. He has made tremendous gains. Just yesterday, he began walking independently. He still has a ways to go to become steady on his feet, but he's literally off and running! A video is coming! Other activities include exercising dogs, reading, playing cards, eating Roy's good cooking, and doing some online projects for the Chippewa County Animal Shelter. Roy has been riding his bicycle daily and is doing 10-20 mile rides. Up until his knife accident he was getting some golf games in. Roy and I have been watching a wonderful t.v. series on DVD called, The Tudors. It is about the reign of Henry VIII. It has peaked our interest about the time period several times, and we've gone to the internet for answers. We've recently gotten back into geocaching and have done several around Corydon. All is set for us to relocate to Campbellsville, Kentucky November 1st.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dangers of Sushi Making

To make sushi one needs an extremely sharp knife for cutting things into small thin pieces. Roy had a knife sharpener with a long handle for holding it, while he runs the knife blade backward and forward through it. I say had, as after the incident I'm going to describe, Roy threw it away. He had sharpened his knife extensively, but not quite to his satisfaction. You know how you get a really good idea that you know you probably shouldn't do, but you're going to be cautious so that the danger you know is in what you're about to do won't happen to you? Well, Roy decided to turn the knife sharpener around so the long handle was facing to the right and his left wrist crossed over the area where the knife was jabbing back and forth. A moments inattention to the knife blade and it was plunged into his left wrist an inch deep!!! Thank God I was outside when this happened, or I would have totally freaked! I heard him yell and came running to find the camper floor sprayed with blood from one end to the other. Roy said he nicked an artery and in the quarter second it took him to apply pressure blood was spraying everywhere! He was understandably faint. We assessed the situation and it appeared that with pressure the wound would begin to heal, and stitches weren't necessary. We disinfected with my old time favorite, iodine. Roy was able to move all his fingers and his thumb. The stab was located in the wrist area below the thumb. He was able to move his thumb, but with a tingling to sharp electrical shot of pain. We were afraid we were looking at a 6 week recovery period and possibly interference with the upcoming job. It's been a week and a half, and recovery seems to be coming along quickly. We don't look at sharp knives the same, and especially the fillet knife he was stabbed with! I think it will be awhile before I can get the image of all that blood out of my mind to enjoy sushi at home again. A lesson learned for RVers in the aftermath of this event is to know where the local hospital is. While I have an idea of its location here in Corydon, I would have wanted to be very exact in getting there had it been necessary. It's a good lesson learned the hard way.