Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tombstone Territories R.V. Resort

We left Camp Verde on December 5th after a couple days delay due to heavy overcast, rain, and fog. We were only 30-40 miles outside of Camp Verde when the landscape turned to Saguaro Cacti everywhere!  Wow! We arrived at Tombstone Territories R.V. Resort on December 6th.  It is located 8 miles east on Highway 82 out in the desert!  This area is different for sightseeing than other areas we've been in, as the tourist attractions are spread out several miles in every direction. Note on the map the outlying communities.  Using Sierra Vista as a central hub, Benson is 35 miles north, Tucson is 75 miles northwest, Nogales is 63 miles southwest, Bisbee is 24 miles southeast,  Douglas is 50 miles southeast and Tombstone is about 10 miles east! It's taking a bit more planning to tour economically here!
This is our little homestead at the corner of Wyatt Way and Holliday Street!
This is the view out our door. The lot to the right side of the picture with the red chair is ours. So much for the myth that you need reservations to get into an Arizona r.v. park during the peak Winter months. This wonderful park is nearly empty! We personally love not having neighbors nearby!
This is the view in back of the camper. The building is the rec. hall. It has every amenity you could want! There are several activities, but my favorite is the Friday, Saturday, Sunday homemade sweets made available for ones munching pleasure!  We had an excellent potluck brunch and dinner Christmas day! A New Years sock hop is planned!
This is the view out the side picture window.
The view out the front window is of the laundry building.  I chose our location in part due to its close proximity.  I love that the park provides a clothes line, too!
Here is our lot.  It is almost like we have our own little island!
To the front of the rec. hall is a wonderfully large play yard for the dogs. It's a comfortable distance from our location.
To the back of the r.v. park are some ATV trails. The dogs love them for a straight out fast run!
This is another trail coming off the same back corner. I'm told that these trails create a square of trails approximately 3 miles in length. We plan to stay in this park at least until January 6th, but possibly another month.  We are researching parks closer to Sierra Vista, Benson, and Tucson with the idea of relocating closer to places and things we'd like to visit.