Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dogs Having Fun!

Here's a look at Prin, our Malamute mix, and Sugar, our golden shepherd enjoying their favorite activity on the island at By The River R.V. Park!  These two girls have been bonded from the day they met!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

By The River RV Park, Kerrville, TX

Upon arriving in Kerrville, Texas July 18th we set up camp at the Kerrville-Schreiner Park along the Guadaloupe River.  We spent a nice weekend floating on the river, enjoying some great food, and visiting a few final days with friends.  We stayed on until the 25th at Kerrville-Schreiner Park and considered staying an additional month, but monthly rates don't begin until September 15th.  We relocated across town at By The River R.V. Park.
By The River R.V. Park is true to its name in that it is located by the Guadaloupe River.  It consists of this one road of r.v. sites.  We were lucky that the water side sites were taken when we checked in, as in our excitement at being right next to the water we didn't consider that our front picture window would face across the street toward the other campers and not the water!  Lesson learned:  Consider what your view will be based on your r.v.'s windows!  We're a little rusty, as we haven't been on the road for quite awhile.  The black truck to the right front of the picture is our lot and our front window faces across the street to the river!
This is our view!  The river has a large island in it.  The r.v. park has the island set-up for tent camping, but much of it is wide open space.  I asked the office staff about running the dogs off leash on the island periodically and was given the okay!
This is the bridge going to the island.  The spillway is a fun place for people and dogs to play.  It's just deep enough to float on.  The far side of the island has the deep water.
There is lots of room to run on the island and the benefit of plenty of water for a cool down afterwards!
There is a pool for staying cool, too!  Our current plans are to be here until August 25th.