Thursday, March 31, 2011

Volunteer Work Recognized

Chippewa County Animal Shelter in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan was honored at the March 25th conference of the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance for coming in third out of 165 Michigan animal shelters for their "save rate". The study compared how many animals a shelter took in to how many were adopted or placed back with their owners. Recognition was given on the local 9 &10 T.V. News, as well as, a mention on their website. It's always rewarding to see animals that are posted on the shelter's website get adopted, and that the adoption specials make a difference; but a little public recognition of the staff and volunteer's efforts is appreciated, too. Makes me proud to be part of the team! We always knew in our hearts that we had one of the best little shelters around :-))

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Summer Plans

Friends are asking, "When will you be coming to Maine?" Family wants to know if we are coming to Indiana, and friends are wondering if we are planning to spend time in Michigan. Roy and I have envisioned getting back to some of our favorite places in Idaho before Winter comes again, and visiting friends there that we haven't seen for many years. If we were rich, we'd swing across the southern states and up the east coast seeing things we'd like to see along the way, and end up in Maine for a good portion of the Summer. We'd travel through the Catskills of New York heading back west, visit friends in Michigan, and drop south into Indiana. By early Fall we'd be in the western states, and drop into Arizona for the Winter. The hill country of Texas is starting to blossom into full Spring with hints of Summer activities. The staff and residents at Miller Creek RV Park are easy to enjoy life with. Roy started a workkamper position this week at our RV park. We've decided to enjoy life in Texas this Summer unless we're too weak to take the heat, but wouldn't it be nice to step into a transporter room as depicted in Star Trek and be beamed wherever we all wanted to go! Energize!!!! We love all of you no matter where we're at!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Internet Games

When Winter came to Campbellsville, Kentucky during our stay there, and having free internet services in our RV park; Roy began playing a popular internet game called Farmville. I soon became interested. At first the game seemed simplistic, but we were quickly pulled into the many intricacies of the game. It entails starting with 25 bare plots of ground, now represented as a small plowed garden on the left side of my sprawling farm; and building the farm up to obtain experience levels, crop masteries, and a variety of ribbons. The excitement of the game is increased further by interacting with friends from Michigan, as well as, people from countries around the world! It's the first time I've played an interactive online game, and I must say it is very addictive. We've both spent far to much time sitting at the computer involved in this game. Once I achieve the goals I've set in the game I plan to delete it and not start any others. I advise others not to start playing, especially as full time RVers. To play games of this type it takes a faster internet connection than we've found at the majority of RV parks we've stayed at, and will burn through the 5 gigabytes that our Verizon card provides in approximately 10 days of conservative play. We learned this when going through withdrawal upon leaving Campbellsville! When we arrived at our current RV park, we couldn't believe our luck at once again having high speed internet! Before leaving we need to wrap-up our game playing. Roy recently went cold turkey, and I plan to sign-off by Summer.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life at Miller Creek RV Park

For the last few months we've been settling into life at Miller Creek RV Park, also known known as The Oasis of Hill Country. We've decided that if Wal-Mart was to build within the park complex we'd never have to leave the property! This is the entrance to the formal portion of the park. We are located in the more rustic north annex.

The building to the right is the office and the cabin to the back of the picture has apartments in it. There are also rustic cabins available.

This area of the park has nice pull-through lots, and rallies meet here often.

Heading toward the back of the park you come to the Recreation Hall about midway.

Just up the road from the Recreation Hall is a nice dog run. Here's Sugar enjoying a run!

Further down this road is the exercise room with a hot tub and steam room.

Here's a peak inside the exercise room. This is probably as close as I'll get to using the exercise equipment, but it's nice having it just in case the mood strikes! The hot tub and steam room are more my speed.

At the back of the park are more cabins.

Looking toward the office, to the right is the front of the Recreation Hall and to the left is a pavillion with a fire pit. Both places are great for socializing.

Here's another look at the Rec. Hall. There are lots of places to sit and visit.

Every Wednesday night is a dinner. Roy and I always enjoy being there. We have started attending some card games. We totally enjoy the super high speed internet provided by the RV park! Other activities to choose from are crafts, book discussions, karaoke, and local outtings for massage, theater, restaurants, and sightseeing.

Here is the fire pit pavillion called the Watering Hole. I've spotted a ping pong table inside and a horseshoe pit nearby. On the other side of the building are restrooms, showers, and a laundromat.

To the side of the fire pit pavillion is a dog wash area. Here's Prin getting a bath on a nice 75 degree day in February! Didn't I tell you the owner thought of everything!

He recently put in a dog play area in our annex. Prin and Sugar are loving it, as well as, another 8 dogs so far. Play groups are forming. Odie says it's great for cats, too!