Monday, May 27, 2013

American Armed Forces Museum

Memorial Day weekend we visited the American Armed Forces Museum, and are so glad we did!  It is inspirational not only for the high quality displays, but for the dedication of the volunteers working toward their mission to preserve, protect and perpetuate the honor of those who served!
The museum is small, but houses an extensive collection!  The volunteers research veterans buried in Otero County cemetaries, and have compiled volumes of pictures and information.  They keep flags on the veteran's gravesites throughout the year, and have even replaced worn headstones. 
The uniforms are amazingly crisp, clean, and well displayed.  The care taken with the uniforms honors the military troops that wore them!  
It was brought to our attention that the each individual bar on the left sleeve of this uniform represents 6 months in captivity! 
This is a nice display of field office equipment. 
This is a soldier's bunk and gear. 
We were glad to learn of Sargeant Willie N. Estrada and the work the American Armed Forces Museum volunteers have done to honor his valor and memory.
The museum volunteers are creating a large peace park next to the museum. 
Even in its early stages of development, it is gorgeous! 
The American Armed Forces Museum volunteers have excelled in achieving their mission to preserve, protect and perpetuate the honor of those who served!  Be sure to visit the American Armed Forces Museum while in Alamogordo.  They are located at 144 US Hwy. 82, and are open Tuesday-Saturday 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m..  Admission is free.